Connecting You With Malaysia’s Top Doctors

At Travelmed, we have redefined our approach, in order to provide continuous healthcare solutions and promoting Malaysia’s medical tourism.

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Start a case
Patient submit a request via Travelmed’s website and will be assisted by our in-house clinicians.

Get informed information
Our in-house specialists will refer the most suitable Doctor with the right treatment budget, updated travel requirements during Covid-19 and schedule that’s right for the patient.

Access expert guidance
Consult with Doctor via Travelmed’s in-app video and voice call to obtain diagnose and travel recommendation. 

Experience collaborative care
Travelmed will assist the process along the way, coordinating the patient with hospital and ensure a smooth treatment in Malaysia.

Smart Notification

Never miss your fitness routine.

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Personalized style

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Workout with friend

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Tracking & progress

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Fun & competitive

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Music you love

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Personalized diet menu

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Fitness Community

A caring fitness community to help you stay on track.

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